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Chief Editor’s Bio

Hi everyone! I am Paul Nelson, the chief editor of Hot Mail Order Brides. Let me share my story that led me to this project. I was always passionate about the opportunities that the Internet gave us. Today’s youth can hardly remember life without social networks, online video games, and dating platforms. But you and I do remember how convenient and easily accessible communication became with the appearance of digital technologies.

I seized the opportunity and tried myself in the porn and webcam industry. I registered on the porn studio website at the end of 2010. It also developed webcam projects and participated in both webcam shows and adult movie production. It was exciting in the beginning, but then I started thinking about creating a family.

I had no idea how to combine my porn career with family life, so I left this industry and began searching for a permanent partner. I was very selective since my former career taught me to value personality rather than the body. Since I was quite familiar with online communication, I set up an account on a dating site. I could not imagine that it would make me pack my bags and fly to Korea to meet my future wife. So I decided to establish an online project that would help people find love without boundaries.

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What do we offer you

Dating site reviews

Reviewing dating services is the primary goal of our team at Hot Mail Order Brides. We have already examined more than 1,500 platforms. Our team carefully researches numerous aspects of dating services to let you choose the most reliable and high-quality agency.

In our dating site reviews, you will know about the following aspects of each dating agency:

  • The pricing policy. We evaluate and compare the prices of membership and determine what membership options are the most beneficial. We also describe available payment options.
  • Site features. Our team evaluates the available communication features of each dating service. We explain how to interact with other people on each platform, register, and manage your account.
  • Safety measures. We examine the way each dating service fights scam users on their websites. We also determine whether a dating agency complies with digital security standards.
  • Audience. We check the quality of profiles and determine gender ratio on each dating site.

Overview of Asian women

The key thing in international dating is to learn the culture of your soulmate. Our team of dating experts provides you with an overview of women from different cultures. You will become familiar with the peculiarities of women from Asia, Europe, and Latin America. You will find out the traits of their appearance and character, local dating traditions, and cultural values.

We aim to provide you with the most detailed information to help you build a successful relationship with a woman from a completely different environment.

Suggestions on dating and seducing girls

Sure, every woman is different, and you should develop an individual approach to your sweetheart. At the same time, the way we communicate and date is heavily influenced by our cultural environment. That is why our team provides you with insights into dating women of different nationalities to make your dating experience successful.

Our dating suggestions are based on the national character and local social norms in European, Asian, and Latin American countries. Thus, you will be able to overcome cultural differences and avoid awkwardness and misunderstanding while starting international relationships.

Why did I create this site?

As I mentioned before, I gained significant experience in the sphere of online communication. I learned the inner workings of online dating since I was bouncing from one dating site to another for quite a long time. Online dating has never been a safe niche, with thousands of scam platforms. In the beginning, I became a victim of my credulity and lost a large amount of cash because I entered my card information on a poorly secured website.

It took me a minute to paste my card details, but I spent several days trying to return my money. I know that there are thousands of people who are new to online dating. They may never think of such issues. So, I decided to launch Hot Mail Order Brides to share my experience on online relationships and prevent people from being scammed by unreliable dating agencies.

How we review

Web Reputation

Our team uses a range of tools to examine the operating history of each dating service and evaluate its reputation. We check whether a dating agency had any scam records in the past. Moreover, we examine the feedback on multiple independent platforms to provide you with the most accurate and objective information regarding opinions about each dating site.

Step-by-step registration process

We test the registration process on each dating website. We strive to provide you with the most detailed reviews and thus lead you from the sign-up menu to your control panel.

Most of the time, you have to provide personal information, such as your name, phone number, location, or even financial information on many dating sites, which is quite risky. Our goal is to inform you about these peculiarities and warn you about any suspicious moments.

Audience Review

I understand the frustration after realizing that your pen pal or partner on a dating site turns out to be a fake. That is why our team deeply analyzes the audience of each reviewed dating platform. We use the following approaches to examine the quality of the audience:

  • Analyze demographics to gather statistics on gender proportion and ethnic distribution. It helps our team determine the level of competition on each dating platform.
  • Check whether the service contains internet bots (these applications simulate communication on dating sites, pretending to be real users).
  • Evaluate the quality of profile pictures and descriptions.

Payment system check up

We examine the safety of payment methods on each dating site. Our team checks whether the dating agency ensures the safe and confidential processing of financial data. We determine whether the agency complies with PCI DSS and utilizes SSL protocols to encrypt your payment data.

Safety overview

Our team revises the reliability of each platform in terms of internet security. We check whether the dating agency applies safety measures against fraudsters and internet bots. Our team analyzes the following digital security measures on each dating site:

  • User verification
  • Data encryption
  • Compliance with the privacy policy
  • Secure connection
  • Digital security certification
  • Content moderation
  • Suspension of scam profiles

The in-depth analysis allows us to determine whether each platform is safe or not.


Our team always includes a final word about each dating service to let you decide whether to use it or find another site. We also place a summary with the list of service’s advantages and downsides at the beginning of our reviews. It helps our readers grasp the key points of each dating service quickly.

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