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    Back in 2012, the New York Times put Myanmar in third place on the list of the most exciting places on the planet.  

    Burma, or Myanmar, is a wonderful Asian country with exotic culture, Buddhist beliefs, monks dressed in red, magnificent golden temples, and beautiful landscapes. It is a homeland of Burmese martial arts, boxing, massage, and Burmese cats that are extremely popular worldwide.

    Although nowadays Myanmar is far from the most popular destination for tourists, this place is definitely worth seeing because of local girls. What are Burmese women like, and how do they differ from other Asian women? Keep reading to learn all insights.

    Why Are Burmese Women so Popular?

    Eye-catching beauty

    Based on the country’s geographical location, one can conclude about the appearance of a typical Burmese girl. It will be the image of an eastern woman. However, she will differ from Chinese, Japanese, or Indian ladies. 

    Burmese girls are all endowed with exceptional, eye-catching beauty. They have very delicate facial features and long, black and thick hair. A slight Mongolian swoop gives their faces a unique nice-like charm. Even when they are getting older, their features remain distinct. They have thin arms, slender figures, and good posture. That is exactly the kind of woman that attracts Western men who increasingly choose an Asian destination to spend their vacations. 

    The secret hides in silk skin 

    All Burmese girls have such flawless skin that sometimes you can barely resist the desire to touch their satin hand or neck. In the East, they say that a beautiful girl is the one with the Thai smile, the Indian eyes, and the Burmese skin.

    A product that gives such an incredibly silky and pure skin is called Thanakha. Every day Burmese women put a Thanakha on their faces. It is both beauty care and decoration. It protects local girls against the burning sun, narrows pores, and cools the skin.

    They get this great natural remedy from a tree growing in Myanmar, which is also called a Thanakha. Burmese women prefer to prepare cream on their own rather than use the ready-made products.

    Burmese mothers paint the faces of their children with love. Local people associate maternal tenderness with the touch of their mothers’ fingers drawing something on their faces with a Thanakha.

    Neck rings 

    Padaung – a homeland of Kayan tribes – is famous due to the local women worldwide. They wear special neck rings, the number of which increases as they get older.

    The custom of wearing copper helixes dates back to ancient times. Local women are skilled in the art of putting on rings in every settlement. Once a girl turns 5, she wears her first rims on her neck.

    Later the number of rings increases, and sometimes the construction is so high and uncomfortable that it is difficult for girls to turn or lean their heads. In addition to the neck rings, local women wear ones on their hands and feet.

    The long neck is a symbol of wealth and beauty in Burma. Local women deftly carry on their heads baskets with fruit and vegetables, trays, bales, and pots of water. It looks impressive when they cross the road and turn their heads from right to left, hardly holding a heavy burden. Probably this habit helps local ladies to keep their back straight like a string. 

    What are Burmese Brides Like?

    Burmese mail order brides are calm, poised, friendly, and always smiling. They are neat and modest. Thanks to the national clothing, they look graceful. 

    Women of Burma usually wear long skirts that cover their knees but give a little spring in their step. They frequently wear wide-brimmed hats to escape the heat.

    Burmese girls are perfect in terms of marriage. They always keep their homes clean and take care of their families. They’re busy doing their daily chores, including cooking, laundry, and taking care of their children. The well-being of Burmese families is all based on women. Besides, Burmese women are usually engaged in some kind of craft or trade. 

    While traveling across Myanmar, one can see women working under the burning sun on road construction. However, that is not an indicator of gender equality, as it happens in other countries. In Burma, it is only because women are paid a third less than males. Therefore, a lot of young girls move to Western countries for better living. 

    They say the women of Myanmar are the most independent in the world. They can marry whoever they want anytime. Parents have no influence on the decision of a Burmese bride in terms of their partner. 

    How to date Burmese women?

    Myanmar has become quite a popular resort in recent years. Western men come there to meet beautiful Burmese girls that are well-known for their exotic appearance and rich cultural background.

    However, dating these girls differs from the other ones. So if you are about to get in touch with Myanmar ladies, here is a list of tips that will come in handy. 

    Follow her beliefs 

    Don’t be irritated when a Burmese mail order bride you meet online shows up with white cream on her face. It is a Thanakha, which is either white or yellow. 

    Women of Myanmar put it on their faces as a remedy against the sunlight and aging. Some girls use it to display their social hierarchy. You can feel free to ask the girl you’ll chat with about a Thanakha.

    Burmese girls prefer to get in touch online 

    Burmese girls are timid, so getting in touch with them on the streets might be challenging. They don’t talk to strangers unless they are online. Men who try to approach Myanmar girls in public often fail. Fortunately, there is a virtual reality where you can easily get acquainted with Burmese ladies. 

    Respect her independence

    Burmese girls are more independent than Thai or Filipino girls. They can easily work full-time and take care of their families. 

    Due to female discrimination, Burmese girls prefer meeting Western males. The Myanmar  girl wants her man to respect her efforts and great support.  

    Language barrier   

    About ten years ago, Burmese women were not interested in learning English. They could barely speak a few words when meeting with foreigners. Nowadays, the situation is getting better. 

    Myanmar has become one of the most favorite destinations among tourists worldwide. Local girls speak English much better and can easily talk about things. Therefore, you will have no language barriers while communicating with Myanmar ladies. 

    Local traditions 

    Burmese women are very traditional. They are open-minded and happy to share their local customs and cultural background. 

    The local government is surprisingly liberal when it comes to dating. Burmese women are free to choose their life partners on their own. Yet, while dating a girl from Myanmar, respect family and traditions she follows. 

    How to Seduce Burmese women?

    If that is your first experience dating Burmese women, you may need a few tips on how to seduce one of these beauties. 

    Stay gentle 

    Burmese ladies like when the talk is focused on her. Make a few compliments to a lady and offer her a drink to start a conversation. Don’t forget to wear flattering clothing and good perfume before dating her. 

    Go slow 

    Most of the serious relationships in Myanmar start from friendship. So take it slow and get to know a few details about hobbies, family, life values, and beliefs of your partner. Build a solid foundation before you can move up to the next level. 

    Keep the distance 

    Burmese ladies are quite modest and shy in public. These girls want you to respect their comfort zone. So keep the distance and give your partner a free space.

    Choose a quiet place for your first date

    Most Burmese women are not big fans of crowded nightclubs and noisy bars. If you are about to seduce a girl from Myanmar, choose a cozy restaurant for your first date. The relaxed atmosphere will let you know each other better and enjoy the soulful talks.

    Show your intentions

    Due to ancient traditions and lifestyle, Burmese women may seem quite conservative. Yet, they are open-minded when it comes to serious relationships and marriage. So don’t try to hide any of your feelings and emotions if you have serious intentions for  a Burmese girl. 

    How to find a Reliable Burmese Dating Website?

    Once you explore all Burmese dating benefits, you will likely decide to get acquainted with one of the local women. However, girls from Myanmar are modest and shy, so approaching them in public might be challenging.

    The good news is, they are active users of social media and prefer meeting men online. Therefore, you can easily get in touch with Burmese beauties sitting on your couch. But here comes another question – how to find a reliable dating service?

    Whether you are a newbie or pro in the industry, the following recommendations will help you to choose a trustworthy website. 

    Check the experts’ reviews

    The dating industry is full of local and international platforms that connect singles worldwide. Some people construe a wide range of dating websites as a benefit, while others get lost when choosing a reliable service. 

    If you find yourself among the last, check professional feedback first . It will help you to separate trusted websites from the pile. Experts’ review will allow you to estimate the website’s usability, security, and audience in the short term. 

    Explore customers’ feedback 

    Although most dating services display their ratings on their official pages, they might be irrelevant or outdated. Therefore, it gives no chance to estimate their real score. To overcome fake reviews, we recommend you check users’ feedback on third-party websites.

    Choose the service with a free registration

    Some dating platforms will try to make money on you before you get registered. So if it’s your first time using the website, ensure you can sing up there with no charge.

    In addition to registration, reliable websites offer a part of their services for free. That way, you can see how the service works from the inside. 

    What about security?

    Apart from the professional feedback, we would recommend you to check the website’s privacy policy. Although it may involve a long time reading, you have to be aware of your rights and how the service protects your personal information. 

    A trustworthy dating site should use identity  verification with the latest SSL technology, and never share your personal information with the third parties. Besides, a few platforms have options to report abuse and block fake profiles. 

    Watch your spacing

    It is good to know a dating site fully protects your identity. Yet, your safety also depends on your actions. 

    We never recommend sharing personal information, such as credit card details or exact location, to other users. 

    Keep it light

    Everyone wants to be a part of a fairytale with a beautiful love story. But even if you choose the top-rated dating service, don’t hope for meeting your only one right away. 

    Burmese girls need some time to bare their souls. Stay patient, and you will definitely succeed in online dating!

    Summing up: Burmese VS American Women
    While the United States gets all the male attention, Myanmar is often ignored. The truth is, dating a Burmese girl is like a beautiful secret that no one knows about. If you are looking for a reliable and supportive life partner who will always be on your side, set your sights on girls from Myanmar. 
    Apart from their exotic appearance, they are generous, with a great sense of humor and a big heart. Dating Burmese lady will surely become another great experience in your life!
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