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    Dating Asian Brides In 2020: How To Find A Woman Ready For A Relationship?
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    Dating Asian Brides In 2020: How To Find A Woman Ready For A Relationship?

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    A lot of us heard that nothing lasts forever, especially a romantic relationship. But what to do if you still want to love and be loved? In such a case, you have to choose the one to spend your life with special care and ask yourself first: “What features my ideal woman should possess to impress me?” If you are looking for a trustful, patient, beautiful, and lovely lady, the  Asian bride will be the perfect match for you. Let’s take a closer look at these brides and figure out how to make them want to date you. 

    Why Asian Women Are so Popular? 

    Extraordinary Appearance

    Needless to say that Asian brides have one of the most noticeable types of appearance in the world. Western men are often intrigued by the beauty of their dark hair, brown eyes, pale skin, and tender facial features. However, there is something more in the looks of Asian mail order brides of different nationalities that makes some men prefer Japanese ladies over the Chinese or Chinese over Taiwanese and so forth. Below you’ll see the main differences in the appearance of Asian women and thus, will be able to guess their origin once you meet any of them:

    • Chinese ladies have wide cheekbones and round forms of the face. Their skin is darker than that of other hot Asian women and that is the reason why they wear hats and sunglasses a lot, trying to not get tanned;
    • Japanese girls have faces of the more oval form and high cheekbones. Their noses are a bit bigger than those of other Oriental women and the eyes are wider. Also, they have the most white skin among other Asian ladies. Therefore, Western men like them more than others;
    • Korean ladies possess the most straight and thin noses in Asia. However, their faces are plainer than other girls’ faces. Their skin is not as white as one of Japanese girls, but as they wear whitening makeup every day – you will hardly notice the difference in their skin tone compared to Japanese;
    • Filipino women have tanned skin and consider that to be their advantage, as it helps them to look younger even longer than other Asians. Their hair is dark and a bit wavy due to the amount of time they spend swimming;
    • Malaysian ladies have wavy hair too, and their skin is not white since they love sunbathing. Their faces are more elongated than those of Chinese girls. Also, they enjoy painting the hair in the various tones, so if you meet an Asian bride with unnatural hair color, she is highly likely to be Malaysian. 

    As you can see, Asian hot women do not look all the same. Also, the way they dress depends on their origin and country they were raised in. Therefore, women from Japan are very elegant, Koreans prefer trendy clothes over the eternal classics, and Malaysian and Filipino women love wearing casual items. So when thinking about dating an Asian girl, learn to differentiate their appearances first. Thus, you will know what nationality your dream woman has and will guess where you should look for her. 

    Traditional values 

    The other reason why men all over the world travel to Japan, Taiwan, the Philippines, and other countries to meet their wives is the values that pretty Asian women share. Here, ladies are the ideal embodiment of the weaker gender: they love their men, abide their will, and follow their decisions. You will hardly see a woman fighting with her husband or boyfriend on the street, nor will you hear your neighbors arguing in their yard. Instead, the calm voices and good manners towards the men (fathers, brothers, and husbands) can be noticed everywhere. So if the relationship where the man is the one to take decisions and responsibility for the lady sounds like you, don’t hesitate to meet Asian women and start dating them immediately. 

    Ability to find a work-life balance

    Don’t get us wrong, young Asian women are not those who look for getting married as soon as possible to spend their lives sitting home and raising kids. In Asia, girls dedicate a lot of their time to their job as they look for self-development not only in personal life but also in society. Thus from a young age teen Asian girls see their mothers balancing their work, family, and house-keeping with a special enthusiasm and try to copy it in their families. Does your perfect lady love working and knows how to switch activities quickly? If your answer is “yes”, then you should definitely try dating an Asian. 

    What are Hot Asian Brides Like

    They are elegant

    Despite the fact that not all women prefer wearing heels, dresses, and other elegant outfits, the majority of beautiful Asian women can be described as elegant. You will never see any of them with bright makeup on or in showy looks. Instead, they wear minimalistic clothes and shoes all the time and rarely wear glossy jewelry. Therefore, you can be sure that your Asian wife would wear only appropriate outfits anytime you’d like to take her out for the date or dinner with your colleagues. 

    They are well-educated

    Gorgeous Asian women are not only attractive but also smart. They are good professionals in their fields of expertise and they strive for more knowledge constantly. Are you afraid of getting married to a boring person? That would not be the case if you marry a beautiful Asian. These ladies have one of the best education in the world as their families consider it to be one of the most important things in life. Therefore, dating an Asian woman can be one of the most exciting experiences in your life. 

    They are clever

    Besides a top-notch education, hot and young Asian girls are clever in terms of building up a relationship with men, making friends, and keeping fair relations with their colleagues. This is because Asians always know their values, life goals, and abide by their principles of living. It is almost impossible to meet the woman who does not know what she wants and how to achieve it in Asia. However, it does not mean that attractive Asian women use men for their selfish purposes. They never do that. Instead, they prefer working hard to get their dreams come true. 

    They have respect for their families

    Parents play a big role in the lives of beautiful Asian girls. Mothers are the example of the ideal woman to little Asian girls and their fathers are Supermen to them. While growing up, Asians are taught to respect older family members, especially the closest ones. As the life of the pretty Asian girl is defined by a set of certain rules and traditions of the society she lives in, she abides by her parents without any argument. So if you’d like to have a girlfriend who has family as one of her top values and priorities, an Asian woman is a perfect fit for you. 

    They are hard-working

    Ladies of Asia never spend their time without purpose. They always know what, where, and how they should do to stay the best worker, the ideal wife, and the most caring mother. So, the passion for doing things is deeply rooted in every Asian bride. From early childhood, Asian teen girlfriends know that nothing is taken for granted, therefore you’ll never notice any of them being lazy and unwilling to do things.

    They are good mothers

    Asian ladies love kids and consider having them essential for the family. They enjoy spending their time with them in a variety of ways: playing games, cooking dishes, reading fairy tales, and walking together. As we noted before, Asian women can balance all spheres of their life naturally, so if you choose an Asian for your marriage, you will be able to rely on her as a mother completely. 

    They are charming

    It’s not a secret that Asian girls are hot and have the mystical power of making men fall in love with them. Maybe, that is some hidden knowledge of the previous generations that they inherited. Perhaps, that is the art of flirting they have mastered over the years but no man could cope with their calm and charming vibe. So, if you want all your family and friends to adore your woman, start dating a hot Asian girlfriend as soon as possible. 


    How to date an Asian?

    Are you feeling eager to start dating an Asian? Here is the roadmap to a successful relationship with her:

    Make your intentions clear

    First of all, understand your goal. Do you want a family or just a one-night stand? Or would you like to date for a few years before getting married? Once you know exactly what you want from the potential relationship, make sure to let your new acquaintance know it too. That is especially important if you notice that your woman wants different things, e.g. you’d like to have an open relationship while she wants to get married soon. If your intentions coincide, congrats! You are lucky to find that special one for you.

    Remember about romantic actions

    Flower bouquets, dinners with candles, and other romantic gestures are highly appreciated by women across the globe, and in Asia too. You are not obligated to write poems and sing under her balcony if you cannot do that, but bringing her flowers and remembering your dates is essential to show that you do care. 

    Let your relationship develop gradually

    Among teen Asians, girls are the ones who’d like their relationship to be like a fairy tale. At first, you are getting to know each other for a few short dates, then you see each other more often, and start having a close physical relationship after that. Getting to know the families of each of you is also a very important step for making your bond closer. When you feel that you are ready, feel free to propose to her. Once she accepts it, start preparing for your wedding. Having created the family, start caring for your house together, so that place would be your common fortress. 


    Of course, you can go another way and get married soon after a few months of dating or even get a baby first and then celebrate your wedding. Still, keep in mind that the majority of Asian women are conservative about the relationship and pregnancy. 

    Make your dates unique

    After you have been dating each other for some time, try to bring some novelty to your relationship. Take her to the places you have never visited before: go hiking, try ice skating, or have a trip to the new country for both of you. By doing so, you will know her personality better and she will get to know you too. Also, you will be able to collect new common memories, which is very important in the long run.

    Let her know your culture

    When you are a foreigner and meet Asian single, it becomes a very special experience for her. Therefore, the best thing you can do is organize dates connected to your background: cooking the national cuisine of your country for her, bringing her a book of an author who is your countryman and reading it together, celebrating some national holiday together and sharing the traditions of your country. All these steps will broaden her mind and will help to understand you better. 

    How to Seduce an Asian?

    As you already know what to do to develop a relationship with a hot Asian woman, now let’s take a look at the steps you have to take to make her fall in love with you easily:

    Be a gentleman

    First and foremost, you have to develop the ability to be a gentleman all the time. Help her with her coat, open the door for her, take her hand to help her get out of the car, etc. – all these small gestures will make your Asian girlfriend adore you. 

    Don’t be pushy

    Regardless of what you do to attract and date a hot Asian girl, you should do that with ease. She should not feel like you are forcing yourself to be too nice or too decisive to impress her. Also, you should not try too much to develop your relationship fast and go on to start having sex too quickly. Instead, let it go and you will see how easy it is to date an Asian. 

    Don’t stereotype

    Once you’ve met a lady of Asian descent, refrain from making any statements like “I’ve heard all Asian ladies are…”, “I know that all Asians like…”. No one would like to hear generic stereotypes and spend time dispelling them. Instead, if you are interested in a  particular fact relating to her origin or country she comes from, better ask a question. Don’t give any thoughts on it before you know what it really is for her. Curiosity is not bad but groundless self-confidence is. 

    Don’t comment on her ethnic background

    If you have just seen her and thought of coming up and saying, “Are all Japanese ladies as gorgeous as you are?” or something like this, forget it. First, such a question looks hardly like a compliment, and second, imagine the awkwardness of the situation if you confuse the nationalities and she is Korean, for example. Also, such lines would rather scare her than make her interested in getting acquainted with you, so if your aim is to get her number and meet again, try other entrances to start a conversation. 

    Forget about the pick-up approach 

    While seducing Asian ladies, you should not use a common Western approach towards dating. Moreover, using pick-up lines, bizarre jokes, and actions you were taught during an online course of seducing women make no sense unless you want to make hot Asian girls stay away from you. The best way to attract an Asian is to show her your politeness and ability to make decisions.

    Treat her as you’d like to be treated

    No person likes to be fooled or lied to. That is why you should not do anything similar to the person you’d like to be with. If you do, you will end up alone, since no Asian woman would give a second chance to a liar or a cheater. 

    Show interest in her personality

    The easiest thing to make an Asian girl think you are the best company for her is to talk a lot about her. Ask questions, offer her to talk about some events of her childhood or school years, share memories, and ask her opinion about life – all these steps will let her feel more comfortable around you and help her to express herself easier. Remember, you should not be annoyed at your desire to know her better. You are not an interviewer, you’re her date. Therefore, keep a natural flow of conversation but try to lead it in the direction of talking more about her than about yourself.  

    Make her family like you

    As family is one of the most sacred things in the life of the Asian girlfriend, try to win the hearts of her parents and other close relatives. To do that, take your time to get to know the family life of the country of your woman’s origin and ask her questions about what her parents like, e.g. the kind of flowers her mother prefers. Later, bring the bouquet and greet her mother. We bet she will like you immediately after that. Also, remember general rules of ethics in the country of your lady and learn the gestures that are unaccepted for Asian society. It might happen that you move your hands in some natural way to the Western people, which is insulting to Asian people. Therefore, you should not rush with introducing yourself to her family, but do so when you are feeling that you are ready completely. 

    How to find a Reliable Asian Dating Website? 

    Picking the right place to meet pretty Asian women looking for men might not be an easy task, but with our pieces of advice, you will be able to do that much faster. Just follow the steps below:


    • Read testimonials and reviews. They can say a lot about the dating website and save you from scammers. 
    • Create a list of the most highly-ranked websites. This step will help you understand which website to try first.
    • Get to know the services provided. Before you pay for your membership on any dating platform, remember to check what it offers: whether you can call, see and hear your potential Asian bride online. Also, check whether there is an online chat, if you can send virtual or real presents, etc.
    • Check the prices. You should know which website offers the most beneficial prices for the services. Also, pay close attention to any hidden prices that can be found in Terms of Use and payment policies of the dating platform.
    • Compare the best options. The criteria for the comparison should include rankings, prices, services, and usability of each website.  It would be great to have a compare and contrast list of dating sites before signing up to any, so it’s better to take your time to make one. 
    • Sign up. Once you’ve chosen the website, take action and register. There is no need to wait anymore.



    Summing up: Asian VS American Women
    As you can see, Asian brides have a lot of different traits if we compare them to American ladies: They are not as much emancipated as American women; They rely on their husbands much more than Americans do; They consider their men to be the leaders of the relationship and family, while American women stand for equality; They dedicate a lot of time to their children and family, while American ladies might not want to have children at all; Asian girlfriends advocate for traditional values, whereas American brides prefer liberal ideas; The approach you have to take towards hot Asian women is completely different than the one you need to use to attract American girls.
    A Beautiful Woman is
    What You Need!