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    Puerto Rico Brides
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    Puerto Rico Brides

    Read a full guide on Puerto Rican women. Check why these beauties stand out and become perfect partners. Learn where and how to pick up these girls
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    Sometimes we all want to bring something exotic into our lives. Many people search for love internationally, and they become quite successful in it. More than 500,000 Americans marry foreigners yearly. If you search for a woman of a different nationality, Puerto Rico can become a favorable option. Why Puerto Rico? It is sunny all year round on the island. The warm Caribbean Sea and sunny beaches add to the relaxing atmosphere of a vacation to Puerto Rico.

    This country is officially within the US jurisdiction, and yet is utterly individual with unique culture and gallant women. Read further to discover the ways of making fun with beauties from Puerto Rico.

    Models from Magazine Covers

    A fun fact is that Puerto Rico has 5 Miss Universe winners. This pageant is incredibly complicated to win, yet Puerto Rican women are among the leaders. They are so gorgeous due to a mixture of European and African genetics. When visiting Puerto Rico, you will see dark-skinned, pale, European-looking, and white girls walking along the streets together.

    This island is all about diversity. Yet, women are fine-featured, with cute faces, thick, mostly curly hair, and stunning smiles. A lot of them have seductive hourglass-shaped bodies. Many women stay fit and adhere to a strict diet. It is way easier for girls to remain slim in Puerto Rico due to marvelous sunny days at the beach. Puerto Rican girls love surfing and sunbathing. Tan skin contributes to their sexy figures.


    Also, a native Puerto Rican girl will not have skin problems most of the time. She does not use heavy make-up because there are no flaws to hide. Her beauty is 100% natural.

    More than that, Puerto Rico is not a developing country with poor living conditions. Women have enough time and money to take care of their appearance and look fantastic at all ages.

    They Love to Travel

    Puerto Rico is located on a tiny island. It is smaller than the state of Connecticut but has the same population of more than 3 million people. It is incredibly densely-populated, with 330 people per square km. Having grown on the island, many people want to see the word and think of moving to the continent. Many women strive for better job opportunities. Still, they earn a lot more on average as compared with other Latin American countries. The average salary in Puerto Rico is around $2,700. Girls can afford to save money and travel. Due to more opportunities, they think outside of the box, which attracts men.

    If you are an adventurer, dating Puerto Rican women will bring you tons of exciting moments and unforgettable journeys.

    They Value Family

    Puerto Ricans, similarly to other Latin Americans, appreciate family ties a lot.

    As many locals say, they spend a lot of time in the family circle. They love to gather on holidays. Every evening, a cozy family dinner takes place, with lots of smiles, jokes, dancing, and delicious national dishes.

    If you decide to pick up a Puerto Rican girl, you will inevitably participate in family gatherings. You will get into an atmosphere of kindness and warm-heartedness.

    Strong family connections make an impact on girls’ perception of marriage. A lot of them dream of a luxurious wedding, with several days of celebrations.

    Many girls are sure that marriage and a healthy family are the two main components to the recipe for a happy life. If you moon over a person ready to remain with you for the rest of her life, you have a high chance to meet your soulmate in Puerto Rico.

    They Like White Guys

    Many surveys reveal Puerto Rican women don’t mind creating a family with a white guy. It does not matter whether you are from the US, Canada, Australia, or Europe. Puerto Rican girls consider white guys attractive. Many women are obsessed with blue eyes, straight hair, and European facial features.


    However, it is not only about appearance. Dating a Puerto Rican man can become a disaster for the local girls. When it comes to men, family ties appear to be a significant obstacle. Many local guys stay with their parents after celebrating a 25th or 30th birthday. A woman needs a responsible man who is ready to live on his own. Domestic violence also takes place.

    Due to these reasons, many women consider white men a better alternative. Puerto Rican girls hope their partners will be able to create a social unit, gain financial and mental independence. For you, seeking a girl from the island, this fact might become a great advantage.

    No Passport and no Currency Exchange Required

    Since Puerto Rico is a US territory, there is no need for you to bring a passport to arrive at the island. Take a flight, and you are already there. It is incredibly convenient for both you and your girl. She can get to the US quickly and effortlessly as well.

    Want to visit your woman on the weekends? There is no problem with that. There is no need to plan a long trip and think of ATMs where you can exchange US dollars. USD is an official currency of Puerto Rico, which also makes this destination incredibly convenient for US travelers.


    Also, the US Visa policy applies to Puerto Rico. If you live in the countries linked to the Visa Waiver Program, you can travel to the island without obtaining a Visa. Citizens of Canada, the EU, Great Britain, Australia, Japan, and New Zealand can stay on the island for tourism and business purposes for 90 days. It makes Puerto Rico dating easy for most of those who dream of marrying women from the island.

    What are Puerto Rico Brides Like?

    They are Loud and Hothead

    Puerto Rico brides are full of energy and have powerful voices. You will eventually get used to their shouting. You can even get confused about whether your girl shouts at you or just talks.

    Many people who have Puerto Rican friends or date local women, joke about it. You can become deaf because of Puerto Rican whispers.


    Puerto Rican girls are explosive and energetic. They are jealous as well. Your girl will be staring at your phone if you chat with your female friends. She might control you, and if you dare to make her doubt your loyalty, she will get furiously mad in a flash.

    They are Devoted

    A Puerto Rico girl will channel her attention to you. Her possessive nature does not allow her to date many people at the same time or cheat a husband. If you manage to get her to the wedding ceremony, she will never take a ring from her finger. Puerto Rican women love with ultimate devotion.

    They Love Dancing

    Instead of blood, dancing flows in Puerto Rican brides’ veins. They naturally and effortlessly move their seductive bodies while dancing:

    • Salsa
    • Bomba
    • Cha-cha
    • Merengue
    • Plena

    These are the most common dances all people perform on the island. If you get to Puerto Rico, you will eventually learn to dance anyway. Your girl will show you some movements and try to teach you what she knows and performs. Since your girl can be pushy, it is better not to resist and let her guide you.

    They are Smart

    Puerto Rican students can choose to study either on the island or on the continent. The Puerto Rican educational system follows the same structure as in the US. In general, the quality is the same too. US universities are just more prestigious.

    Due to high-quality education, women in Puerto Rico graduate from universities ready to start a promising career. Also, they can speak English fluently. Thus, there will be no communication obstacles for English-speaking men.


    They are broad-minded, which means you can spend days and nights chatting with a girl and never get bored. They are less prone to superstitions and outdated beliefs. Also, since Puerto Rico does not have an official religion, these girls are free from prejudice concerning your faith.

    They are Wildcats

    Women of Puerto Rico are passionate. They are ready to experiment in bed. Their passion plays havoc with the men’s hearts. Also, it means your girl can go in for dramatics. On the other hand, a quarrel can end with an unforgettable night in bed.

    They are Self-sustained

    Puerto Rican women can earn for a living, save money, and masterfully plan their budget. They will not stay in a house waiting for men’s domination. They will never be as submissive as Asian girls.

    Puerto Rican wives will contribute to your household and be ready to defend their views if they contradict yours. The ability to compromise is what you will have to develop. Your wife will be equal to you.

    How to date Puerto Rican Beauties?

    Dating a Puerto Rican woman can be the most pleasant experience in your life. To conquer the girl’s heart, read the suggestions below:

    Passion is Key

    If you believe you are passive and boring, change your mind. With dating passionate girls, you will get lots of emotions. Be sensual, kiss, and cuddle your woman. Hold her hand and be affectionate. Dance with her, give her flowers and make surprises.

    Spend Time Outdoors

    Do not hesitate to ask your woman out. Puerto Rican weather and beaches foster the active pastime. That is why clubbing, partying, swimming, and sunbathing should become your daily activities. Spend time at the beach, take your girl to the restaurant and watch the sunset together afterward.

    Respect your Lady

    Never try to abuse your woman. If she is uncomfortable with something, it is better not to insist. Listen to her opinions, arguments, advice, etc. Be attentive and caring. A respectful attitude is the base of any relationship.

    Meet her Family

    If you wish to pick up Puerto Rico women for marriage, you should find your way to their families. Participate in family holidays. Be respectful. Help your woman’s mother prepare dinner. Go fishing with her father or play soccer with her brother. The key thing is to visit her relatives and become well-welcomed.

    How to Seduce Puerto Rico Girls?

    You will rarely get rejected due to the communicative nature of Puerto Ricans. Still, you need to stand out. Take these tips to seduce a Puerto Rican bride.

    1. Be Handsome

    Appearance matters a lot, and you need to admit it. Girls estimate men by their looks first. To seduce a girl, dress up appropriately. A combination of trendy style and pleasant smell will let you make the right impression.

    2. Be Initiative and Confident

    If you feel shy, pretend to be confident. It requires practice. Do not hesitate and think about it as a game. Straighten your back and smile while approaching a girl. Initiate a conversation creatively. You can google the pick-up lines.

    3. Be Sensual and Set the Mood

    Puerto Ricans greet each other by kissing their cheeks. Do not be afraid of touching your girl. Once you start a conversation, you can hold her hand or cuddle her. It will show your interest. If you date her for quite a time, discover more erogenous zones. Remember they are changing, and you can try new places and watch her reaction. When getting to the apportionment, try to set a romantic mood. Buy candles, dim the light, and use rose-leaves.

    4. Try Online Dating

    You can meet a sweetheart a lot faster if you address Puerto Rican dating sites. Meeting people on the web is quite popular. Take these steps to pick up a girl of your dream online:

    1. Address a Puerto Rican dating site.
    2. Set up a profile
    3. Start browsing Puerto Rican women for marriage, friendship, or dating.
    4. Initiate a chat with a girl you like the most.

    The crucial thing about virtual dating is the way you present yourself. Many people upload 10-year-old photos or include plain descriptions listing out personal qualities. Avoid these mistakes by picking up a variety of fresh pictures, including a vivid and specific description of your personality.


    Make different photos where you are well-dressed and irradiate uplifting energy. Once you set up a profile this way, you will see lots of matches from Puerto Rican mail order brides.

    How to Find a Reliable Puerto Rican Dating Website?

    There are some risks associated with online dating. You can come across the unreliable site and get phished. To avoid any trouble, follow these recommendations:

    • Check the website for security measures. Read about its privacy policy and anti-fraud measures. You can find reviews of a particular platform to check the necessary info.
    • Examine Puerto Rican women dating accounts. Scammy websites feature profiles with photos from online stocks. Real women upload authentic pictures.
    • Find testimonials about a site you are going to use. It is another right way to avoid a scam or unprofessional platform.
    Summing up: Puerto Rican VS American Women
    A Puerto Rican wife can make all your dreams come true. Unlike an American girl, she is not spoiled by life in the US. She is confident about her feelings and will remain with a person she loves no matter what happens. A Puerto Rican girl is lovely and brilliant. She is funny and energetic. She is more reliable as well. No matter whether you are writing to a Puerto Rican mail order bride or packing bags to the island to see your love in person, you are doing everything right. Keep going to become one step closer to the love of your dream.
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